There is no substitute for on-the-mat training under the guidance of certified instructors; however, there are numerous ways to achieve continuous growth off the mat as well. The following is a list of literary resources that continue to guide practitioners at Aikido of Volusia throughout their journey: (In no particular order)


Aikido and the Dynamic SphereA. Westbrook & O. Ratti

Dynamic AikidoGozo Shioda

The Principles of AikidoMitsugi Saotome

The study of Aikido is not only the pursuit of mastering technique, but also the pursuit of mastering oneself through the development of individual character and ethos thatincludes but not limited to rectitude, benevolence, courage, politeness, veracity, honor, and loyalty. The following selections serve as guides along this path.


The Secret Teachings of AikidoMorihei  Ueshiba

Budo: Teachings of the Founder of AikidoMorihei  Ueshiba

The Heart of AikidoMorihei Ueshiba

The Art of PeaceMorihei  Ueshiba

A Life in Aikido–  Kisshomaru Ueshiba

The Spirit of AikidoKisshomaru Ueshiba

The Practice of Freedom: Aikido Principles as a Spiritual Guide Wendy Palmer

Aikido for Self DiscoveryStan Wrobel, Ph.D.

Martial Arts- General

In the Dojo:  A guide to the rituals and etiquette of Japanese Martial Arts Dave Lowry

Traditions:  Essays on the Japanese Martial Arts and Ways Dave Lowry

Moving  Towards Stillness: Lessons on Daily Life from the Martial Way Dave Lowry

Training in the Samurai MindThomas Cleary

Bushido:  The Warrior’s CodeInazo Nitobe

Budo Mind and Body Nicklaus Suino

Be Like Water: Practical Wisdom from the Martial  Arts Joseph Cardillo

The Zen Way to the Martial Arts Taisen Deshimaru

Other- Self-Improvement

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit  of Less Greg Mckeown

The ONE Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results Gary Keller

Eat, Move, Sleep:  How  small choices lead to big changesTom Rath

Mind Gym:  An athlete’s guide to inner excellence –  Gary Mack

The Way of the SEAL Mark Divine