Aikido of Volusia County

2102 S Ridgewood Ave.
Edgewater, FL 32141
Phone: (386) 405-0964

About Our Dojo

Address: 2102 S Ridgewood Ave. Edgewater, FL 32141 (Behind Peggy’s Restaurant)
Phone: (386) 405-0964

About Walsh Sensei, Godan  (Fifth Degree Black Belt)

Tom Walsh, Sensei (Godan)

Tom Walsh Sensei (Dojo Cho)  has studied various martial arts for 25 years. He began his study of Aikido in 1991. Walsh Sensei received his Godan (Fifth Degree Black Belt) in 2013 from Robert Kubo Shihan. He continues to train under Robert Kubo Shihan and is affiliated directly with Aikido of Hawaii International.

Aikido of Volusia County, Inc. was established by Tom Walsh Sensei in September of 1998 with the encouragement of Robert Kubo Shihan, Chief instructor of Aikido of Hawaii International. The school has a strong commitment to the local community. The students and instructors support local charities, schools and volunteer in self defense classes.


Aikido  of Volusia Yudansha/Instructors:

Tom Yelvington, Sandan   (Third Degree Black Belt)

Jessica Turner, Nidan   (Second  Degree Black Belt)

TJ Erway, Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt)

Joseph Fay, Nidan  (Second Degree Black Belt)

Thanja Wicker, Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt)

Bryan Liggitt, Shodan  (First Degree Black Belt)

Chris Nolan, Shodan  (First Degree Black Belt)


Aikido of Volusia Yudansha Alumni:

Tommy Walsh, Sandan  (Third Degree Black Belt)

Danielle Walsh, Nidan  (Second Degree Black Belt)

Michael Stull, Nidan   (Second Degree Black Belt)

Rocky Malphurs, Nidan  (Second Degree Black Belt)

Jordan Walsh, Shodan  (First Degree Black Belt)




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